Blue Ridge Chapter 99s - 99s International Organization of Women Pilots
The 99s is a non-profit, international organization of women who promote world fellowship through flight, provide networking and scholarship opportunities for women and aviation education in the community and preserves the unique history of women in aviation.
Our History:
On November 2, 1929, twenty-six women gathered at Curtiss Airport, Valley Stream, New York. The weather wasn't favorable and most drove in or came by train. The first order of business was the selection of Neva Paris as temporary chairman, then the presentation of flowers to Viola Gentry, who was recovering from a crash following an endurance record attempt. The women conducted their business in a hangar above the din of a Curtiss Challenger engine running up as the work of the mechanics proceeded around them. Tea was served from a tool box wagon on wheels.Eligibility and purpose were quickly decided upon. Membership would be open to any woman with a pilot's license, and the purpose was "good fellowship, jobs, and a central office and files on women in aviation". Choosing a name was a little harder. Some offerings were The Climbing Vines, Noisy Birdwomen, Homing Pigeons and Gadflies. Amelia Earhart and Jean Davis Hoyt put a stop to the nonsense proposing the name be taken from the sum total of charter members. Thus the group was momentarily the 86s, then the 97s and finally the 99s. The name/number stopped at 99, but the membership thereafter grew worldwide.
About Our Chapter:
The Blue Ridge Chapter of the 99s covers all of South Carolina, and western North Carolina.  We currently hold meetings once a month on various Saturdays or Sundays.  Our primary meeting site is at the Spartanburg Memorial Airport, but we often participate in fly-in breakfasts, attend airshows or museums, etc. as our monthly meeting.  Please view our 2010 tentative schedule of meeting/events.  We also produce a quarterly newsletter with information about 99s events and happenings.  Feel free to view our newsletters on the site.
Spartanburg Memorial Airport                                        
Spartanburg, SC 
Monthly meetings are held on various Saturdays & Sundays.  Contact Lori for information regarding meeting dates and times (864) 205-8030.
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